Deep down, you know that your customers are getting better at avoiding the old salesy-spammy marketing gimicks. Wouldn’t you rather create insightful content that wins their trust and attention? I can help you.


“Aditya is a great professional to work with. He is a domain expert on early-stage companies, fundraising, technical and creative writing. Will work again with him in the future.”

“I initially hired Aditya for copy-writing. Now, after two years, he also manages marketing and business strategies, communicates externally, develops business documents, hires and manages freelancers to achieve marketing objectives. He has doubled our subscribers, increased our organic traffic by 5x and also has significantly improved our email open and engagement rates.”

“Aditya has a nuanced understanding of consumers and markets. This helps him draw pragmatic approaches to design relevant solutions. He is a continuous learner, a very attentive listener and has a deep sense of commitment and integrity. I highly recommend him.”

“Aditya has demonstrated incredible persistence in overcoming complex challenges while designing our core service. He finds efficient ways to get things done, and always manages to remain level-headed. He’s a rare leader and entrepreneur who possesses sharp intellect, and a deep integrity as well as dedication to his work.”

“Aditya joined Innovation Alchemy in the early days and quickly became a very key part of the organization. His ability to learn quickly, openness to new & challenging ideas, motivation for self development, and an insightful approach in implementing ideas were some of the things that helped him succeed in our team. His perseverance and clarity of thought & insights will be a big asset to any team.”

Exploring how content marketing can help you grow your business? Start here.

Debating the effectiveness of blogs, videos or Instagram stories for your brand can be pointless. Don’t put the cart before your horse. Instead, begin by aligning your content with your business growth.

Take a 100-year marketing journey, in 100 seconds. Learn how marketing has evolved. And understand why the future of marketing lies in valuing customer trust above everything else.

Portfolio. Samples from what I’ve written for a few of my clients.

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore MVPs. Think of an MVP as the cupcake version of your grand product cake. Here are 3 perspectives, to help you design an effective MVP.

Illusions exploit how our brains make sense of the world around us. An illusion can stump us initially. But once we understand how it works, we’re able to see right through it.

Figuring out your ideal pre-grazing and post-grazing targets, to increase your yields is the easy part. The difficulty lies in meeting these targets, after every grazing event, through the year. Here’s how Pasture.io can help you increase your yields.

It is hard to find good content, that can help dairy farmers maximise their pasture yields and profits. On one hand, you had hard-to-digest scientific papers. And on the other, you had biased opinions. This downloadable e-book married the scientific facts into a compelling narrative.

Measuring your pasture growth rate is a critical piece of the pasture management puzzle. But it costs you money and effort. Find out what’s the best pasture measurement tool for you.

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